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Leukemia/Lymphoma Xenograft Core (LLX)

To expedite the translation of biologic discoveries into novel therapeutics, there is a pressing need for panels of in vivo models that capture the molecular complexity of human disease. While traditional cell lines and genetically engineered mouse models are useful tools, they are insufficient to assess the broad diversity of human tumors within a context that recapitulates in situ biology. Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs), generated by transplanting primary human tumor cells into immune-deficient NSG mice, surmount some of the limitations of these traditional platforms and have been increasingly utilized as tools for preclinical investigation. However, the infrastructure required to generate, bank, and characterize PDX models limits their availability to only a few investigators. To address this issue, we established a repository of PDX models of leukemia and lymphoma, which we have named the Public Repository of Xenografts (PRoXe). The repository encompasses AML, B- and T-ALL, and B- and T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma across a range of cytogenetic- and molecularly-defined subtypes. PRoXe is extensively annotated with patient-level information, including demographics, phase of treatment, prior therapies, tumor immunophenotye, cytogenetics, and molecular diagnostics. PDX lines available for distribution are characterized by immunophenotyping, whole transcriptome sequencing (RNAseq), and targeted exon sequencing of ~300 genes. 


The Leukemia/Lymphoma Xenograft Core was established to expand our xenografting efforts and to expedite sample allocation to interested investigators.


Kristen Jones - Director
Room: Dana 512
Phone: 617-582-8868

David Weinstock - Faculty Sponsor
Room: Dana 510B
Phone: 617-632-4245

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