Center for Immuno-Oncology Immune Assessment Laboratory

Overview of Services

We offer technical support and scientific advice to investigators at DFCI and its partners who are interested in performing clinical studies related to cancer immunotherapies. The Lab can provide data generation for clinical trials across multiple disease centers as well as the necessary expertise to design and develop assays related to cancer immunology biomarkers.

The Lab is also involved in the collection of blood and solid tissue from patients participating in more than 30 clinical trials at DFCI and other sites.

The Lab is equipped with the latest technology for the detection of soluble biomarkers as well as determining cellular phenotypes.


Mariano Severgnini, Sr. Scientist

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


8:30am - 5pm

Monday - Friday  


1 Jimmy Fund Way

Boston, MA 02215

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Mariano Severgnini
Sr. Scientist
(617) 632-2421


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