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Welcome to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Flow Cytometry Core Facility Webpage at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. The facility is located on the fourth floor of the Jimmy Fund building, in room 415.

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If you are analyzing Lenti Virus please contact the Flow Cytometry Facility 617-632-3179.  There is a specific protocol inplace that needs to be to usesd when analyzing Lenti Virus. 

  • LENTI VIRUS & Human Primary Cells can only be SORTED  on the BD FACSAria II  SORP
     (Baker BIOProtect III hood)
  •  LENTI VIRUS & Human Primary Cells can only be ANALYZED on the BD LSR II using the HTS plate loader                  










Information for Users External to DFCI


Purchase Orders are to be made out to:

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

General Accounting, BP-425

450 Brookline Avenue

Boston, MA 02215-5450


Note to Partners, Harvard, Boston Children’s and Tufts researchers:

  • Partners Health Care (includes MGH, BWH, McLean, Spaulding, etc): choose vendor 0000008573
  • Harvard (includes HMS,Dental, Wyss, HSPH, etc.): choose vendor site: 01_PRIMARY
  • Tufts University: choose Supplier 0000000655
  • Boston Children’s Hospital: choose vendor 0000001886


 If you are using a PO from an institution other than one under which you signed in, you must stop and contact the DFCI iLab staff at




 The core DOES NOT sort samples containing known pathogens

Sorters ratesNEW RATES 10-1-17

Analyzers rates  NEW RATES 10-1-17

DFCI Laboratories        $ 75.00/hour         10-1-17 rate: $85.00

External Laboratories   $110.00/hour        10-1-17 rate: $120.00

Corporate Rates         $150.00/hour         10-1-17 rate: $150.00


Rates are calculated in 0.5 hour increments.

1 hour minimum reservation
Please see the Policies     


DFCI Laboratories        $ 60.00/hour       10-1-17 rate: $65.00

External Laboratories   $80.00/hour         10-1-17 rate: $85.00

Corporate Rates         $120.00/hour        10-1-17 rate: $85.00

Rates are calculated in 0.5 hour increments.

0.5 hour minimum reservation
Please see the Policies  



Instrument Overview - Redirects to BD website

Lasers / Parameters  



Instrument Overview - Redirects to BD website 

Lasers / Parameters  

BD LSR Fortessa  (2)

Instrument Overview - Redirects to BD website

Lasers / Parameters    


Bio-Plex 200 System rates

DFCI Laboratories        $ 60.00/hour

External Laboratories   $80.00/hour

Corporate Rates         $120.00/hour

Instrument Overview - Redirects to Bio-Rad 


Building Layout

Laboratory Contact



Dana Farber Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Attn: Suzan Lazo-Kallanian

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Ave,  Jimmy Fund building 415
Boston, MA 02115


Telephone & Email:

Phone: 617-632-3179


Other Resources


  • Our Website:
  • Our facility policies:
  • Chromocyte: - a free, impartial resource for flow cytometry, antibody search & cell-based assay products, knowledge and services


Name Role Phone Email Location
Suzan Lazo
Director of Flow Cytometry
Jimmy Fund 415