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Biospecimen Repository

Overview of Services

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Biospecimen Repository provides a safe and secure environment for frozen sample storage and management that is highly accessible to scientists.  It gives researchers an opportunity to store their valuable materials without using their own limited research space. 


The facility offers an experienced staff, sophisticated equipment and multiple back-up systems.



Safe and secure storage and management for samples with a standardized, regulatory-compliant and privacy-protected repository for fluid and tissue biospecimens.

Pick-up and delivery services of samples in IATA-compliant cryogenic shipping containers and accessories.  All materials are transported under strict supervision by trained staff operating Dana-Farber owned and inspected vehicles.  This process provides optimal access of all stored specimens. 

Management of samples governed by compliant Standard Operating Procedures and evidence-based biobanking best practices.  The clinical inventory system with appropriate annotation of biospecimens is supported by NIH.

24-hour equipment monitoring with sophisticated online alarm system and on-call staff.




The facility's state-of-the-art equipment and loss-prevention systems include: 43 Thermo Scientific Revco Ultra-Low temperature upright freezers, with jacketed, built-in liquid nitrogen back-up systems; eight MVE - 150 liquid nitrogen high efficiency/vapor series tanks, with a capacity per tank of 31,200 cryovials (2 ml) in 100grid boxes; and emergency back-up gas generators.  Testing and validation records are available to users.


Information for Users External to DFCI

Purchase Orders are to be made out to:

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

General Accounting, BP-425

450 Brookline Avenue

Boston, MA 02215-5450


Note to Partners, Harvard, Boston Children’s and Tufts researchers:

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Sujata Shah | Manager

Phone: (617) 582-7441

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday through Friday

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Boston Marine Industrial Park

27 Dry Dock Avenue, DD420

Boston, MA 02210

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