DFCI Monoclonal Antibody

Overview of Services


The mission of the DF/HCC Monoclonal Antibody Core (MAC) is to produce novel monoclonal antibodies that are directed against antigens of interest to Dana-Farber, the Harvard Cancer Center, and affiliated investigators. These monoclonal antibodies may be useful for basic research, drug discovery and clinical applications including diagnosis, surrogate markers for disease status, response to therapy or drug toxicity.


Given the diverse research needs of investigators at DFCI and the Harvard Community, the MAC should strive to support a wide range of antibody requests. A key component of the DF/HCC MAC is the ability to explore and develop new technologies that facilitate generation of monoclonal antibodies. The DF/HCC MAC should be capable of supporting all basic functions of generating, screening, storing and producing monoclonal antibodies.





Getting Started


  • Consultation: prior to any work commencing with Monoclonal Antibody Core, you must schedule a consultation with the Core Director, Edward Greenfield. See below for contact info.



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Information for Users External to DFCI

Purchase Orders are to be made out to:

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

General Accounting, BP-425

450 Brookline Avenue

Boston, MA 02215-5450


Note to Partners, Harvard, Boston Children’s and Tufts researchers:

  • Partners Health Care (includes MGH, BWH, McLean, Spaulding, etc): choose vendor 0000008573
  • Harvard (includes HMS,Dental, Wyss, HSPH, etc.): choose vendor site: 01_PRIMARY
  • Tufts University: choose Supplier 0000000655
  • Boston Children’s Hospital: choose vendor 0000001886


 If you are using a PO from an institution other than one under which you signed in, you must stop and contact the DFCI iLab staff at sc_billing@dfci.harvard.edu




Core Director: Ed Greenfield, PhD
Scientific Advisor: James DeCaprio, MD



Ping Hua, MD
Craig Bencsics, PhD
Carlo Ciatto, PhD
Mohan Brahmandam, Research Technician
Yuhua Nong, Research Technician
Fern Harper, Financial Administrator
Christina Deossie, Project Manager


Location and hours of operation


Hours Location
By Appointment          21-27 Burlington Ave., 4th floor


Links and Resources


  1. http://www.dana-farber.org/res/core/default.html
  2. http://www.dfhcc.harvard.edu/core-facilities/monoclonal-antibody/
  3. http://dfcionline.org/research/researchcores/hybridoma/default.aspx



Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in generating monoclonal antibodies in the DF/HCC MAC. Where do I start?
There are a wide variety of approaches available; therefore researchers are encouraged to make a consultation appointment with the Core Director at 617-632-2209. For the consultation appointment, please have the sequence of your protein available, the species from which is it derived and a good idea of how you will use the antibodies in your experiments i.e. Western blot analysis, IHC, IF, flow cytometry, or ELISA detection.


What species will be used to generate my mAbs?
The host selected for your immunization will be dependent on the type of protein (intracellular vs. extracellular) and the species from which the protein is derived.


I want my mAbs to function in a specific assay that I’ve designed. May I screen for these antibodies myself?
Yes. You need to tell us at the consultation that you will be screening the antibodies. It will be very important to coordinate the timing of the screening to prevent overgrowth of the cells.


How can I find out about progress of my project?
The generation of mAbs is a long and multi-step procedure. The Core will send e-mail notification once a distinct step is completed and requires your permission to proceed to the next one (for example, once the animal shows an immune response in the sera screen and is ready for fusion). Information on any project can be obtained at any time by contacting the Core Director.


How do I get billed?
We request information about your financial coordinator (on the Service Request form), billing address, etc. and if you or your PI works at the DFCI, we can directly bill your project numbers. If you or your PI is a member of the DF/Harvard Cancer Center, we require a PO from your financial coordinator for billing purposes. For outside researchers, we also require a PO and the appropriate billing information.


Do you guarantee that I will get an antibody for my project?
Every antibody development project has its risks; one of them is that we cannot guarantee that your protein will be immunogenic. We have quality control measures in place that will help increase the chances of success but there are always proteins that fail to produce an antibody.
Since we have a multi-step process in place, you will pay only for work that has been completed.



Name Role Phone Email Location
Edward Greenfield
21-27 Burlington Ave., 4th floor
Beiyang Ma
Principle Research Technician
617 582 7451
21-27 Burlington Ave., 4th floor